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The Scammers’ Most Wanted Enemy

FinTelegram has launched almost exactly three years ago and has since published more than 2,000 reports. The majority of these were dedicated to the topic of investor protection. The best way to protect investors, in our opinion, is to expose scammers and their payment facilitators. From the experience of the last three years, we know that scam-supporting payment processors are even worse than the scammers themselves.

Scammers, they come and go. They are the dregs of CyberSociety like burglars, pickpockets, or bank robbers in the “old analog” brick-and-mortar world. Cyberfinance payment providers, on the other hand, stay and grow. Many of them provide the ever-new scams the financial platforms, gateways, and bank accounts to run their scams, defraud consumers, and launder their illicit proceeds.

Therefore, FinTelegram focuses on the bad actors among the payment processes. And they attack FinTelegram with threats of legal action and DDoS attacks. FinTelegram is now considered the enemy #1 in the cybercrime scene. Because we chase and expose them. We are proud of being their enemy. We will defend ourselves against the attacks.

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